Jasper Dandy, Toronto         July 21, 2019

The Hideout, Toronto           July 25, 2019

The Garnet , Peterborough     Aug 24 2019

Handlebar,    Toronto            Sep 12 , 2019


Phog Lounge, Windsor         Sep 27th, 2019

Pressed,       Ottawa             Oct 19 , 2019

past shows

Aga Khan Museum           June 30, 2019


The Piston                       March 26, 2019

Sneaky Dee's                   April 6, 2019

Handlebar                       April 21, 2019

Tail of the Junction           May 4, 2019

Junction City Music Hall     May 9, 2019

A.N.A.F. Guelph                 May 18, 2019

The Cavern                      May 25, 2019

Layers of dreamy vocal melodies, disconnected lyrics, hypnotic guitar loops merging with accents of crunchy riffs, pumping bass grooves and exotic beats, makes up Gelax.
A style they dubbed as "fantasy rock", mixing comforting chords with a little bit of mysticism, unusual structures with  darker moods, climaxing into an uplifting conclusion of sounds.
After a meeting between Gelareh and Taarqazz, a shared philosophy on life, hopes, ambitions,cynicism and a strong appreciation of Depeche Mode and Radiohead, they started off a musical experiment in 2015. 
Leaving everything behind to pursue her passion, Gelareh made her new home in Toronto to sing and express what was forbidden in her homeland under a censorship regime.
meanwhile Taarqazz's struggles with his own identity, separating himself from his war torn country, and seeking purpose, fuelled their collaboration. 
Their first single Crawler, released on YouTube 2015, established a trademark in direction, involving alienation and reality checks. 
While their first video release "Tempting" in 2016, brought a more gentle and a retrospective mood of self reflection. 
2018 brought in a new breath of life, with the addition of Olaf Szester on Drums and percussion, and Jason Pilling on Bass, the band started work on a string of singles with the help of Juno Award winner producer Tim Abraham from Soleil Sound Studios. 
Their latest single and video release "Life" saw a more focused approach to writing, and GelaxKey doing all the video production and effects herself.
Finding success in "Life"'s release through Spotify playlists and Deezer, the band is continuing on with new singles and video releases by the end of the 2019, to be festival ready for 2020.
Always getting inspired by new and different bands, Gelax is driven to experiment constantly with fresh ideas, and to break away from pigeon-holes and genre restrictions.